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20 Nov 2021  (755 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Linghua Qingwen product
Someone said. 

HSA said it is aware of claims that Lianhua Qingwen products can be used to prevent or treat Covid-19, which have been circulating on social media and in Telegram chat groups.

HSA added that some Lianhua Qingwen products are listed as Chinese proprietary medicines in Singapore for the relief of cold and flu symptoms, and their approval was based on the documented uses of the ingredients present in the products.

However, they are not approved by HSA to treat or alleviate symptoms of Covid-19.

HSA requires any product that claims to treat Covid-19 to have scientific evidence from controlled clinical studies to substantiate that such a product is safe and effective against the ailment. Covid vaccines were not fully tested and are approved on an emergency basis.

When the authorities proclaimed that unvaccinated individuals have to pay for their own treatment, doesn't that meant that these individuals should be given the liberty to take what deems suitable.

TKL reply.
I can understand that HSA will not want to give a statement about its suitability for treating covid, without any evidence to back it up.

As the drug is safe, taken in the prescribed dosage, it is better for HSA to take a neutral stand, i.e not supportive nor discouraging, and let the individuals make their own decision on this matter. 

If there is any negative side effect, the individual will probably stop taking the drug or may seek the advice of the doctor. 

It may be better to have a trusted platform where patients can share their experience of patients who have taken these alternative medicines. It is better for the experience to be confirmed by a doctor, so that the findings are reliable and the trusted website is not abused for deceptive marketing/

Tan Kin Lian

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