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24 Oct 2021  (589 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Restriction on dining out
Many people are unhappy with the contradiction in the safe distancing measures. They said:

a) Locals are required to seat at a maximum of 2 to a table in an outdoor eatery.
b) The government has announced that delegates to a an international conference can seat up to 5 to a table.

They asked TKL - is this fair? 

This is what TKL replied.

I know Sinkies want SOPs to be followed rigidly. They want the SOP to apply to every person. 100%. Even God has to follow SG SOP.

But TKL has always said that we must exercise judgment and be flexible according to the situation.

The delegates are in Singapore for only a few days. If they are infected, they bring the virus back home to their own country.

The Sinkies are in Singapore all the time. If they are infected, they have to be treated in our hospital, and maybe occupy the ICU beds. We do not have enough ICU beds, OK?

So, we should be more strict with our locals. no more than 2 to a table at the food court, OK?

Actually, this is TKL's real opinion.
I believe that it is safe for locals to seat 5 to a table, provided they are all vaccinated and come from the same household.
The risk is low.
I know the WTF ministers are insane. What to do?

Tan Kin Lian

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I reply to KBS. We don't need the delegates to spread the virus to the locals. We already have enough virus of our own. Hehehe.

Tan KL  25 Oct 2021  

The delegates may also mix with locals and spread the virus to locals and the healthcare system would similarly be under siege ! nothing to stop delegates fm walking around S’pore .

Kuo Beng Shi  25 Oct 2021  

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