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18 Jul 2021  (769 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Is vaccination effective and useful?
I believe that the vaccination is effective and useful.

I believe that the scientific experts in the World Health Organization and in the Ministry of Health (Singapore) know their subject. When they approve the vaccine for use, they have considered the benefit and risk of the vaccine.

They are not saying that the vaccine is entirely safe and 100% effective in preventing infection. They are satisfied that the vaccine is quite safe,  although there is a low level of risk of side effects for some people. They are also satisfied  and the vaccine is largely effective in preventing infection and deaths.

They have approved several vaccines based on the mNRA technology and on the inactivated virus (mostly the China vaccines).

I trust the recommendation of these scientific experts. I do not think that they are risking the lives of people in using a risky vaccine. I believe that they do not have any vested interest in promoting any specific type of vaccine.

When the Pfizer vaccine is made available to me, I took the two doses. I know that the mNRA technology is still new and not fully proven. But I do not have any reason to fear that it could be harmful.

If I was given the China vaccine instead of Pfizer, I would also accept it.

I know that the vaccines are not fully effective in preventing infection. That means that some vaccinated people may still catch the virus. 

However, it is likely that the virus will be mild for infected people and the transmission will be low. 

I have read several reports attesting to this finding. I believe that these reports are reliable.

Here is the statistics issued by the Ministry of Health. My reading of the statistics is that the vaccination is useful in reducing the infection among vaccinated people.

Although the vaccinated people may still be infected, the virus is mild. The vaccine helps to prevent the illness from reaching a severe stage.

Some people may still die from the covid virus. In most of these cases, they are already in poor health. The virus can become harmful to them. They should take precautions from being infected, even if they have been vaccinated.

Here is no need for healthy people to be afraid of the infection.

It is safe to allow healthy vaccinated people to resume normal life. Some may still become infected, but the virus will be mild and the transmission will be low.

This is my understanding of the statistics that have been presented. 

However, I believe that the ministry of health officials are still taking a cautious approach towards relaxing the restrictions on vaccinated people. While I disagree with their approach, I respect that they have to make the final judgment.

Tan Kin Lian


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