17 Jul 2021  (285 Views)
Can we cope with a large increase in serious covid illness

Many people are fearful that the covid infection could lead to a large number of serious illness and that our hospital system cannot cope.

I have observed that the serious cases that require oxygen treatment, including those in ICU wards, remain below 15 for the past months. 

This number is small compared to the tens of thousands that are reported in neighboring countries. 

The ministers have not issued any statement on the capacity of our hospital system to deal with these cases. Can we handle 100 cases or more? 

If there is a need, can additional places be created quickly outside of the hospitals, e.g. in temporary treatment centers? 

Do we have sufficient oxygen ventilators that can be put to use?

At what point will we face a calamity, such as the breakdown of our hospital system.

I am surprised that this question has not been addressed by the task force ministers and that our mainstream journalists have not fielded this question.

I hope that the ministers will provide this information, so that the general public is informed about the situation and will not be excessively fearful due to ignorance. 

Tan Kin Lian

After Note.
I found out later that the Minister of Health had issued a detail statement a day earlier than this post. It stated that the hospital system has capacity to cope with 1,000 cases. 


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