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30 May 2021  (426 Views) 
Customer service

Suggestion to provide technical support
I suggest the following approach for a mobile operator or manufacturer of high tech products to provide customer support. 

a) Provide a website for a customer to provide feedback on the product or service. The customer needs to provide the name, email, telephone, description of product and the nature of the problem.

b) The support staff can send a link to the relevant guide that might solve solve the problem. This may help in many cases where the customer is not familiar with how to use the product. 

c) The support staff can telephone the customer to get further details  about the problem, if necessary.

d) The technical staff can contact the customer to arrange a time to carry out remote testing of devices, if this could be the problem. 

e) Verification of the customer can be kept to a minimum. It is not likely that someone will impersonate the customer to get technical assistance.

If the support center adopt this approach, it will make it easy for customer to get the assistance required without going through a frustrating experience. It will also help the support staff to provide the help that is needed without wasting too much time.

The support center will improve the productivity of the support staff tremendously, and also give a better experince to the customer.

Tan Kin Lian

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