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30 May 2021  (564 Views) 

Starhub cable is down
Starhub cable service is down for two days.

I have contacted Starhub technical support many times. It takes a lot of trouble to get through to them. 

They asked me to reboot the set top box. I tried many times. It still does not work.

Their technican came to my house. He said that there was some issue with the backend and that somebody will call me when they fixed it.

It was still down after an hour.

I called Starhub technical support. They said that there was some issue with NetLink and that someone is fixing the issue.

I asked this person to get the NetLink staff who is fixing the issue to call me, so that I know if someone is really fixing the issue. He agreed. 

Nobody called me after two hours. The Cable TV is still down.

Tan Kin Lian

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