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30 May 2021  (851 Views) 

Bad technical support from Starhub
My internet went down. 

I contacted Starhub technical support. 

They asked me to carry out various tests on my TV, set top box, modem and router. I spent over two hours.

Finally, they sent a technical person to my home. He tested the devices and confirmed that they are in order. He told me that there was some problem with the "back end".

Why did Starhub technical support asked me to spend much time checking the devices, when they don't checked the back end?

To make matters worse, it was difficult to get through to the technical support through their call center. I have to listen to half a irrelevant dozen messages before I can speak to a person.

After reaching the technical support, I have to go through an insane verification process. I have to give them my NRIC, mobile number, home address, postcode, and sometimes my date of birth.

Starhub does not know that one or two verification is more than enough.  

Because I had to call the technical support several times over this issue, I have to go listen to the "irrelevant messages" and provide the multi layer verification every time. It is quite tiresome.

After they sorted out the backend, the internet came down after half an hour. I have to contact Starhub technical support again.

Starhub may not understand that their customer have to go through their a lot of trouble just to report a technical issue. 

No wonder their customers are angry and their call center staff had a difficult time. 

I have given my feedback to Starhub countless times over the past 15 years. They refused to listen.

I did not move to SingTel because their call center protocol and verification is the same. 

Tan Kin Lian

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