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12 Apr 2021  (493 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Mystery of the community infections
Singapore has controlled the covid pandemic quite effectively with strong measures on border control and internal restrictions.

However, there are a handful of cases each week about community infections. If the covid virus is under control, how did these cases appear?

Let me share my view. This view is based on my observations and the following deduction based on common sense: 

a) The covid virus is more widespread than assumed by most people. Quite likely, many people have been exposed, but the virus is controlled by the immune system of the host. Hence, the virus is mild and does not spread wildly. In many cases, they are not detected as being infected.

b) The cases that are detected as community spread are from people who have low resistance to the virus and appear in sufficient quantity to be detected. They are also the people who are tested during the time when the virus is still active.

To support this deduction, I observe that the community cases are small in number. If a person is infectious and the virus is strong, I would expect more people to be infected rather than an insignificant number. This observation supports my belief that the virus is mild.

I hope that the health authority pay attention to this possible hypothesis that the virus is mild in Singapore and there is no need to continue the border control and restriction measures. 

Tan Kin Lian

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