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01 Nov 2020  (487 Views) 
Political systems

Transparency in decision making
We can learn from Jakarta on transparency in decision making.

Several years ago, when Jokowi was the Governor of Jakarta and Ahok was the Vice Governor, Ahok decided to video record the discussions at the meetings of the government in deciding on public issues. The video recordings were made available for viewing by the public.

Ahok was highly respected at that time for his integrity and transparency. The citizens of Jakarta trusted him and gave him his respect for his integrity.

I quote this example about how decisions taken by the government can be made made in a way that the public will trust that the officials took the decisions in the public interest. They also learn about the considerations that were taken into account when the decisions were made.

Even if they disagree with the decisions or when the decisions turn out later to be wrong, the public will still accept that they were taken honestly.

I hope that this approach can be applied for decisions taken by public officials in Singapore.

Do you agree?

Tan Kin Lian

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