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23 Aug 2020  (959 Views) 
Movement for change

Attitude towards Malaysian workers
A local Singaporean was unhappy that Malaysians come to work in Singapore, earn an income in SGD which can be converted three times to MYR. 

The Malaysian is able to afford a good house and low cost of living in Singapore. He takes over jobs that could have been done by a local.

I asked him to consider the following perspective.

We should not take an extreme position. We should welcome everyone who does contribute to our society.

Ideally, our govt should ensure that our locals are not put at a disadvantage due to high cost of living and reservist duty. If we face difficulty, we need our govt to address them.

The Malaysians who come to work in Singapore does not have an easy time also. Those who live in Johore have to ensure long travelling time. Those who live in Singapore have to share rooms to reduce their living expenses.

Let us treat them fairly. OK?

Do you agree with my perspective?

Tan Kin Lian



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