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29 Jun 2020  (514 Views) 
Economic downturn

Arbitrary rules for self employed income relief
My friend is a used car dealer. His business has been bad last year. It became worse this year.
He applied for the self employed relief (I think it is call SIRS).
He was rejected.
He appealed and fought hard. He spent some time to fight his case. Finally, his appeal was successful.
He received $9,000 for 9 months. It was helpful.
Question - does it mean that those who do not know how to fight their case will lose out?
Why does PAP introduce this kind of scheme that is quite arbitrary and unfair to those who are not able to fight their case?
Is there an alternative?
Sure, there is.
I prefer that the government allows people in financial need to withdraw their CPF savings, or to take a loan from the government that needs to be paid back.
There is no need to create arbitrary rules and require people to fight their case according to these rules and to have administrator send a lot of time dealing with tens of thousand cases.
Do you agree?

Tan Kin Lian

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