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Business Operator

Do you know how much business you might have lost when a customer call your outlet to book for your service and your staff is too busy to take the call?

Or the time wasted by your staff to to answer a call from a customer when you do not have any vacancy for the time slot that they are interested in?

You can overcome both problems by registering your available time slots in our website.

The customer can search for the available place and make a preliminary booking for that time slot. Your staff will receive an email about the booking. Your staff can call the customer, if necessary, to confirm the registration. 

You can also provide a link to your webpage to give details about the service and the charges. 

Click here to see a demo page that shows how the customer can check what is available from your outlet.

Click here to see the registrations that were submitted by customers for the demo outlet called ABC.

The use of this website is FREE for three months up to 1 February 2018. After that, you pay a fee of $2 for each registration, based on the invoice sent to you monthly.
Give it a try.

Interested? Send email to We will reply to you soon. 

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