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Improve your underwriting skill
It is challenging to be an underwriter working for a reinsurance company.The underwriter has to study many thousands of risks contained in the insurance portfolio and estimate the losses that are likely to arise in the event of an earthquake, typhoon or other catastrophe. The underwriter has to estimate how much will be paid under each layer of cover that is being provided.

Ths reinsurance platform helps the underwriter in his or her work. It takes the results of the catastrophe model that is provided by the broker and calculates the burning cost for each layer of the treaty. It compares the model results against the exposure and actual losses for the past years and given an indication of how well the model fits into the actual experience of the portfolio.

The software calculates the offered net rate, after deducting the expenses, for each layer against the burning cost provided by the model, adjusted by the actual past experience of the portfolio. This is just a pricing tool. The underwriter can make his or her own judgment to write or avoid any layer of the treaty. But the tool helps.

Click here to practice using this pricing tool with the examples of treaties that are loaded her. You can choose one of the underwriters listed as RE1 to RE10.  

You can install a separate version of this software in your company to write actual treaties. Contact

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